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  • 07/21/2020 - eventsbyladyj 0 Comments
    The Ultimate Checklist for Weddings During Covid-19

    ​​The Ultimate Checklist For Weddings During COVID19

    Earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic broke out and forced couples to make hard decisions about their wedding plans all over the world. To keep friends and family safe, so many couples canceled their weddings while some chose to postpone until the pandemic was over. However, with COVID-19 showing no true sign of subsiding anytime soon, most couples have decided to proceed with their preparations.

    If you and your spouse have also made the decision to proceed with your wedding, then you’re most likely thinking of effective ways to implement safety measures during the ceremony. Well, to help you ensure your wedding is as safe as it is eventful during this period, we’ve put together this wedding checklist below!

    Hire additional staff to monitor CDC guidelines

    To protect yourself and everyone else at your wedding, you need to ensure that your guests and staff are free of the virus. So when hiring caterers, photographers, florists, and DJs and other professionals for your big day, consider hiring additional staff to monitor CDC guidelines. This staff should include a nurse to check your guests’ temperatures upon arrival and someone to hand out sanitizers. You can also ask a relative, friend or a staff to ensure everyone is socially distancing during the ceremony.

     ● Prepare a sign-in sheet

    For contact tracing, provide a sign-in sheet at the entrance of the venue for each person to write down their contact information. This sign-in sheet should include the date of the event and provide spaces for names, phone numbers and email addresses.

    • Provide face masks

    Taking pictures with face masks on may be a bit difficult so it’s understandable if you don’t fancy the idea. However, to keep your loved ones safe, face masks are necessary. Politely ask guests to bring face masks along, and have extras available for people who forget to do so. To keep things light, you can even provide masks with cute designs to double as your favor or plain masks just to have extras on hand.

    ● Provide sanitation stations

    Providing sanitation stations at your wedding is a great way to lessen the risk of a virus spread. With these stations, your guests can comfortably sanitize their hands before walking into the wedding.

    2 ● Choose between plated service and buffet service

    Another thing to consider when planning your wedding is the safest meal serving method. You can opt for plated meals as they will limit contact between guests and vendors. However, with this method, you have to choose a menu that will appeal to everyone. If you want a variety of meals served at your wedding, consider a buffet service as it will provide your guests with options. Simply ensure that your guests practice social distancing and make use of gloves!

    ● Ensure seats are 6ft apart

    Lastly, make sure that there is at least a 6ft gap between the seats at each table. This will help maintain social distancing and keep you and your guests safe!

     Events by Lady J

    Not sure you can handle all of these at once? How about you reach out to Events by Lady J  or to handle it for you? With our experience and expertise, you can trust us to help make your big day safe, memorable, and eventful!

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    Covid-19 and Wedding Planning: The Best Way for Brides To Proceed

    With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the wedding industry extremely hard, so many couples are faced with no other choice than to cancel their original wedding plans. Destination weddings are either getting canceled or postponed, venues are closing down, and most vendors are going out of office. This puts couples in a tight situation, forcing them to either postpone their weddings altogether, or to cancel original plans and make do with what is available.

    As a bride whose wedding date is right around the corner, you’re probably losing sleep, wondering how to salvage the available resources and create a memorable wedding celebration for yourself and guests. If you still haven’t gotten any ideas, worry no more! To help you out, we’ve put together this list of COVID-19 wedding planning tips below.

    • Update your guests

    Since most of your original wedding plans will have to be changed, it is essential that you keep your guests updated. For instance, if you’ve decided to cancel your destination wedding and have a wedding in your town instead, your guests need to be informed. You can send an email with all the wedding changes you and your spouse have decided on, and explain reasons why these changes have to be made.

    Note that it is important you send out this information as soon as possible. This will give your guests sufficient time to make new plans!

    • Trim original guest list

    Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic means you have to take lots of safety precautions. This begins with trimming your guest list. Since throwing a big, festive celebration during the pandemic is impractical, opt for a small, intimate gathering instead.

    Trim your original guest list as much as you can to include just your family and closest friends. Explain why this has to be to your guests, and invite them to experience the wedding via video broadcasts.

    • Provide wash stations and sanitizers

    You probably never dreamed that your wedding guests would be wearing face masks while you say your vows, but to keep everyone safe, it is necessary. Provide wash stations and sanitizers for guests, to ensure everyone is safe.

    Also, choose a spacious venue to ensure you and your guests can practice social distancing. A big hall or garden can make this easier.

    • Make the setting magical

    The COVID-19 pandemic most likely has you and your guests bored of your homes and in need of a new setting. So don’t hold back when decorating your wedding venue. Use string lights, ribbons, flowers (lots of flowers!), pictures, candles, fabrics, and any other item necessary to give the hall a magical feel.

    A beautifully decorated hall will take away lingering disappointment of the plan change, and make your day special and memorable!

    • Provide entertainment

    While some vendors may have closed their offices due to the pandemic, there are so many others who will be willing to offer their services once you explain that you will be taking safety precautions. So reach out to MCs, live bands, D.Js, caterers, and dancers to perform at your wedding. Great entertainment will give your ceremony the festive air every wedding needs!

    Events by Lady J

    Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic can be incredibly tasking for any bride. So how about you reach out to us and let us help you with the process? With our amazing track record and experience with putting smiles on brides’ faces,  Events by Lady J can definitely transform your dream into reality!

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    Wedding Tip #1

    "Plan the wedding you can afford now, not the one you hope to be able to afford"

    It’s best to hire a Wedding Planner to help you find vendors to save you time and wasted money.

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    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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